By Emily Dupas, Brianna Naderpour and Bradley Cusnier
DEC 09, 2015

The highly anticipated annual St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) Fall musical was a big success. This year the STA Players (Fine Arts Department) chose to take on GODSPELL, a riveting, modern spin on the Gospel of Matthew. The show premiered at the Bienes Center for the Arts on Thursday, November 19, and continued until November 22. There were stellar reviews from those who attended. STA junior Myia Fitzgerald said, ¨It was really, really interesting. I’ve never seen something that related so much to people our age and still connected to Catholic school.¨

It would be best not to judge GODSPELL by its cover. As Mr. Seeger, the play’s director explained, “I would first stress that it’s not a religious play…. It is more about the formation of a community and people who come together over something.¨

GODSPELL brought about new challenges that the actors hadn’t experienced in previous STA productions. Brian Sayre, an actor in the ensemble, stated, “This show is different than others because there are no curtains or blackouts, so it is really important to make sure you are in character the entire time.” According to Jess Rodriguez, a member of the cast, ¨This one [GODSPELL] has really good vocals, singing and arrangements.¨ Because this production was a musical, it involved many creative outlets, such as singing and complex choreography, which gave the cast opportunities to discover new talents.

By all accounts, the crowd was on their feet at the end of each performance, and the actors were feeling very proud. Cast member Emma Seeger, said, ¨[Being in GODSPELL] honestly felt great. The cast was amazing, and we couldn’t have done it without the crew. This whole experience was just so magical!¨ GODSPELL definitely got its message across, and there’s no doubt that missing it was surely a loss.