STA Color Guard

By Emily Dupas, Bradley Cusnier and Brianna Naderpour

JAN 21, 2016


Color Guard at States game

Color Guard at States game

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) offers activities that match

each personality type. Whether a student prefers sports, scholastics,

the arts, or social life, there’s something that will fit every mold.

Because of the large variety of options at STA, it would be easy to miss

an opportunity. So here is a suggestion for those who are

looking for a combination of sports, creativity, and a sense

of community, Color Guard is a great team to  join. The STA Color

Guard is considered part of the school’s marching band, the STA

Marching Raiders.  Joining the Color Guard is the perfect way to

have the experience of being on a team and socializing with all grade levels.

The moderator of the STA Color Guard is Ms. Cristina Cuervo, an STA alumna.

Ms. Cuervo was a member of the STA Color Guard team when she attended St.

Thomas Aquinas and later volunteered to come back to help coach the students

Color Guard at Competition

Color Guard at Competition

interested in this sport. She has been overseeing the team at STA since 2013.

The STA Color Guard uses long poles with large and brightly colored

silks flying from them along with shorter swing flags. The Color Guard

choreographs their dance steps and maneuvers based on the music

and movements of the school band. Being on the STA Color Guard

team means that you attend all of the football games. The team

performs on the field during halftime, along with the band. They also

perform specific dance routines on the sidelines to accompany each

song that the Marching Raiders play during the game.

Color Guard ready to perform

Color Guard ready to perform

The Color Guard is open

to any female student who is interested in

exploring their talent in an unconventional way. There are no

prerequisite skills, so why not try out? For additional information

about STA’s Color Guard, contact Mr. Richard Bradford

at richard.bradford@aquinas-­