Dr. Huck, Igniting Faith

By Sophia Lopez, Kylee McDonald and Kelly Litts

FEB 05, 2016

Dr. Huck has been educating Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) students in the Catholic faith and guiding them on their spiritual journey for quite some time. He arrived at STA in 1997, and since then has continued to play an impactful role in the lives of the faithful in the STA community.

Hugh HuckDr. Huck started his journey at St. Thomas when the Director of Religious Education at his parish called to tell him that STA was in need of a new religion teacher and that he thought Dr. Huck would be perfect for the job. Before he was Dr. Huck, Mr. Huck gave up his job of buying and selling overstocked books and decided to join the STA family. Dr. Huck, along with Dr. Robertson and Mrs. Myrick, took on the responsibility of rebuilding the Campus Ministry program. Originally started by Sister Peggy, Campus Ministry was a club filled with young Raiders who wanted to become ministers of the Catholic faith. Dr. Huck, Dr. Robertson, and Mrs. Myrick reinvented the club, adding retreats and the Nights of Fellowship. As Campus Ministry grew, students wanted to do and learn more. So Campus Ministry became a class, starting just with seniors, then eventually adding sophomore and junior classes.

Dr. Huck was inspired, at a young to age, to choose such a faith-centered life. Raised by a mother trained by a Jesuit priest, and by a father who grew up among the Franciscan tradition, Dr. Huck’s faith is certainly diverse. His mother helped him learn the analytical approach to faith, while his father helped him see God in nature. That is why Dr. Huck enjoys kayaking. “There is something about being one with nature, and realizing how close you are to God,” said Dr. Huck

CM at St Jeromes 1The part of being a teacher that Dr. Huck enjoys the most is being with the students. He loves inspiring and teaching students in a way that he feels interests them and best gets the message across. He admires the uniqueness of teaching at STA. Every day is different: “In a normal, boring job, every day is the same, but at STA every experience is unique, day after day.”

Dr. Huck is an inspiring teacher, with his in-school and out-of-school life both reflecting his immense inner spirituality. He has given so much to the STA community, and in return abounds in the fruits of his work every day when interacting with his Campus Ministry students. Dr. Huck has a diverse background, which he uses to reach each and every student individually. For many years to come, there is no doubt that Dr. Huck will continue to ignite faith within his students.