High Tech at STA

By Brianna Naderpour, Emily Dupas, Bradley Cusnier and Rene Padilla
MAR 11, 2016

Twitter Logo Credit: ajcann.wordpress.com via Flickr

Image: ajcann via Flickr

Life in the 21st century continues to become more techno-centric as the days go by. This fact is evident throughout the Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) campus. The Innovation Center features cutting-edge technology, and students access the majority of class essentials through their Chromebooks. For most students, the use of electronics doesn’t cease once they leave campus. On their own time, students entertain themselves with the latest interactive apps. Six hundred and sixty STA students participated in a survey to rate what apps are considered to be the best, and how important technology is in their daily lives.

Snapchat Logo Credit: Snapchat, Inc.

Image: Snapchat, Inc.

Students were polled to determine their use of Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram emerged as the student body’s overall favorite. Well over eighty percent of the respondents indicated that Instagram was the most frequently used, it was the easiest app to use and it was the app on which they have the most followers.

Instagram Logo Credit: Jseever

Image: Jseever

Technology goes beyond apps. Seventy-five percent of students said that electronics affect their views of the outside world. Society has become dependent on electronic devices that are constantly at the user’s fingertips. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed admitted that they use technology on an hourly basis. Ultimately, it is involved in virtually every aspect of people’s lives, and for better or worse, it’s here to stay.