In With A Bang

By Bradley Cusnier and Santiago Rodriguez
OCT 21, 2016

Big changes are always happening at St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA), and the science building is no exception. Since the start of the 2016-17 school year, many advancements in structure and technology are evident throughout the science building.

The new renovations integrate the interactive displays and larger cabinet spaces into a modern environment. Ms. McTighe noted, “I like the fact that we have a lot more storage, everything is very clean and pristine.”

As newer technology emerges, STA continues to invest in the best educational environment for its students. Ms. McTighe explained that, “It helps students, especially with visualizing some of the concepts that are quite abstract…” and by placing these ideas on the screen, students can manipulate and interact with them. Mrs. Cirrito said, “I sent pictures of the lab to my son, who has his own science lab at Washington University, and he could not get over how awesome they are.”

Although each classroom takes on a similar theme, they are uniquely modeled to the teachers’ needs. Mr. French explained that prior to the start of construction, the administration asked the teachers for input on their design and equipment requirements.

The new layout has also been designed to be user-friendly for both the teachers and students. Ms. McTighe stated that, “… the way the room is configured I am closer to the students when lecturing them versus them being far away, which I think is advantageous.” Mrs. Cirrito said that, “The layout is better, more convenient and allows better lab group interaction.”

These recent innovations enable teachers to better use the classrooms to teach their subjects. The newly renovated science building is in with a bang, and loved by everyone.