STA Opens Up To The Public

By Bradley Cusnier, Santiago Rodriguez and Emily Dupas
NOV 11, 2016

Encouraging new faces to join the Raider Community, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) showcased the many programs and activities that take place on campus at the annual STA Open House event.

On October 30, Open House started in the gym at 11am. There, the attendees had the opportunity to meet STA Principal, Dr. Denise Aloma, and Mrs. Margie Scott, Assistant Principal Student Activity Office, as well as the members of the Student Council. At the end of the presentation, visitors were treated to the STA 2016 video that features an inside look at campus life.

After the presentation, visitors were invited to explore the school. Some short “classes” showcased highlights from STA’s vast academic and extracurricular opportunities. At the same time, visitors were offered the option of taking a tour of the facilities, conducted by members of student council and leadership. As parents roamed around the school, the Raider Review conducted a survey of the attendees.

STA’s cafeteria was home to the The Student Life Showcase, where twenty-two STA clubs and honor societies were on display. From Aquinas Kindness to the Silver Knights, parents and students browsed the various booths that were featured. The survey results indicated that the top six most enjoyed booths were Raider Review, Marine Biology, the National Honor Society, the Display of Chromebooks, STA’s Dance Company, and Jack n’ Jill.

About forty-three percent of those surveyed heard about the event through a family member or friend and thirty-two percent through word-of-mouth, while the remaining respondents were attracted by social media postings. Overall, the STA Open House was a huge success and the school looks forward to welcoming many of the attendees to the Raider family in the near future.