‘Tis the Season at STA

By Kylee McDonald, Sophia Lopez and Marissa Mitchell
DEC 14, 2016

On Wednesday, December 7, students from each grade gathered in the cafeteria for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School’s (STA) second annual Christmas tree decorating contest. Christmas music poured from the speakers and cookie crumbs scattered on the floor as students celebrated the start of the Christmas season here at STA. The occasion was the perfect opportunity to express holiday cheer and school spirit.

Mrs. Kalis, junior class moderator, started the event, just as all things at STA begin, with a prayer. After giving thanks for their many blessings, students rushed to their trees to begin decorating. Each grade, except freshmen, decorated their trees with a specific theme. The seniors and juniors decorated a beach-themed tree, while the sophomores chose a Fourth-of-July theme. As some students hurried to decorate their trees, others gathered around the counter piled high with cookies. The counter was set up with toppings, so that students could decorate their own cookies with sprinkles and frosting. After the trees were judged, the sophomores’ Fourth-of-July tree was declared the winner.

The Christmas trees were generously donated by student body President Quinn Connor’s father. Once Christmas break begins, STA plans to donate the decorated trees to four families in need, so that they might add some Christmas cheer and color to their homes.

The event was a big hit. Students posed at the photobooth, took photos with the huge blowup snowman, and sang along to the carols blasting out over the speakers. Senior Maria Sobrino said, “I’m so glad that STA puts spirit in the Christmas season that amidst the stress of senior year there are fun things to look forward.” Not only was the festive occasion the perfect opportunity for seniors to de-stress, but also a chance for freshmen to take part in one of the many seasonal events STA has to offer. Freshman Katrina Chin said, “It’s so cool to come to STA and have such a festive experience!” The Christmas tree decorating celebration was fun for all.

Although finals are quickly approaching, events such as the Christmas Tree Decorating contest and the upcoming Christmas sing-along are perfect opportunities to celebrate the joy and cheer on campus during this time of year.