Senior Sunrise Mass 2017

By Sophia Lopez, Kylee McDonald and Marissa Mitchell
JAN 31, 2017

Early Sunday morning on January 22, senior students and their families gathered on the sandy dunes of Pompano Beach to celebrate Mass. The sunrise greeted the assembly and the sound of the crashing waves welcomed the congregation to the sunrise service. The Senior Sunrise Mass has been an STA tradition for many years.

The service began with class president Kate McSoley welcoming the seniors and their families. Senior Jonathan Farrell sounded the Shofar to set the ambiance for the Mass. As always, STA’s liturgical music group Crossroads performed beautifully, warming the souls of the congregation. The Mass progressed with readings by seniors Quinn Connor and Robert Schulte. Something that made this service particularly unique was that there was no Homily. Instead, the priest asked the congregation to sit in silence, meditate upon the beautiful sunrise and appreciate God’s wonderful creations. Dr. Aloma and Dr. Robertson concluded the Mass by expressing their gratitude for the families that gathered together for the sunrise service.

All in all, the celebration was a wonderful success for the senior class. “It was a very peaceful and calm service and a great opportunity for the senior class to gather together in a very unique tradition,” said senior Stefanie Davidson.  It was a memorable event that unified the whole class to a greater extent. Senior Ellie Boan stated, “The Sunrise Mass has been my favorite senior event so far. It was one of those days that makes you remember how much of a close community STA is. I know it will be one of my favorite high school memories” The Senior Sunrise Mass is a cherished event that adds to the wonderful memories that the seniors have created here at STA.