Frost’s Life in A Nutshell

By Bradley Cusnier and Santiago Rodriguez
MAR 14, 2017

Mr. Frost on set during a taping

Mr. Frost’s classroom brings the world of video and TV productions to the St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) High School campus. STA’s own TV Production Specialist, Mr. Paul Frost, was born in Denver, Colorado and brought his love for the Denver Broncos to South Florida. He even has a John Elway jersey hanging on his office wall.

He is currently in his fourth year teaching at STA. When Mr. Frost first came to STA, he had only planned to stay a few weeks to substitute for a teacher who had fallen ill. A few weeks turned into months, and the rest is history.

Mr. Frost poses with Ms. Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Before starting his journey at STA, Mr. Frost spent almost 30 years in the film industry. Although he went to school for TV production, most of his knowledge has been acquired on the job. The first twelve years were spent shooting news, and the rest was freelancing for major companies such as ABC and NBC. He owned and ran Frost Video Productions for which he hired three teams of freelancers to cover various events.

Mr. Frost comes from a military family. His father is a retired colonel and his brother is currently a Master Sergeant. Following in his family’s footsteps, Mr. Frost served six years in the army as a TV Production Specialist 84F.

Mr. Frost on location

In Mr. Frost’s free time, he can be found relaxing by touring the United States in his RV. He plans to travel through all 50 states once he retires. At home, Mr. Frost has two cats named Willy and Maggie. Willy “the Bruiser” earned his name because he bangs his head for passage through a closed door. Meanwhile, Maggie purrs for attention as she pads around on her snow-white paws. Because of his busy life as a teacher, Mr. Frost can’t find the time to pursue his love of painting with watercolors, but looks forward to getting back to it one day. Mr Frost’s knowledge in film and TV Production has enlightened students and enabled them to express their ideas and creativity through video.