Kicking Payments to the Curb

Participant throws from the outfield

By Maxwell Elam, Parker Gainsburg and Dylan Bosse
MAY 05, 2017

Throughout the recent history of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (STA), clubs and honor societies have been a major part of the school activities. However, finding interesting ways to raise money can be a school club’s greatest challenge. Every year, NHS officials come together and collaborate to organize their annual fundraiser. To top-off last year’s charity run, this year’s fundraiser was the Spring Kickoff Charity Kickball Tournament, which was created as a competitive way to bring some “fun” into fundraisers. The original event was scheduled for March 23, but was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. However, the NHS was determined to get the event underway, so they rescheduled.

The competition took place on the STA practice field

Finally, after a one-month delay, the tournament took place on Tuesday, April 25. Fortunately, the weather this time around consisted of clear skies and sunshine, as numerous teams competed in the tournament and enjoyed playing kickball for a good cause. According to NHS moderator Ms. Deutschmann, “120 students and 60 volunteers participated in the event and players donated $5 each to play. ”



Enthusiastic Raider participates in the tournament.

Whether these teams were there to compete or just to have fun, each participant took part in a much greater cause. Ms. Deutschmann stated, “The tournament raised money for the Raider Strong Student Assistance Fund and for one of the Best Buddies, that our STA students assist, who is rehabbing from a serious spinal injury.” Causes like these hold great weight for STA as the funds help provide financial assistance to students who struggle to meet some of the expenses required throughout high school. This assistance can cover a wide area of payments such as tuition, testing fees, and college application fees. With the success of the kickball tournament, the NHS has managed, once again, to promote important and meaningful ways to support the Raider community.



Photos: Pate Maus