Introducing the New Teachers

By: Jayden Royal, Hannah Jones, Madison Nualart, Alexandra Margelu and Jacob Mondek
OCT 14, 2017

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School’s (STA) faculty has grown this school year. Every new addition enables STA to develop its extraordinary learning environment and continue to maintain its top-rated education. Each teacher brings his/her own individual knowledgeable learning experience to the STA team. This year some of the new teachers include Ms. Albrecht, Ms. Demchar, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Riley

Ms. Albrecht teaching her math class.

Ms. Albrecht, who joined the math department, shared her past teaching experiences with the Raider Review. “I worked at a little Lutheran middle school …. first of all I had younger students with much different attitudes, also there were  only about 50 to 80 students in the whole school so going from a school with about 50 to 80 students to thousands is a big shock.” She’s a very approachable teacher who is quickly adjusting to the STA environment.  

It is great for students to get the opportunity to experience different teaching methods. STA’s new English teacher, Ms. Demchar, takes advantage of the mobile desks in her classroom to have her students break into a large circle in the center of the room, where they form a discussion group. This allows her students to get more involved, be more attentive, and work together while reading in class.

Ms. Demchar, instructing her English class in the reading circle.

These new teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, and they are able to share many of the exciting things that they have experienced. Mr. Nelson, a substitute teacher and a basketball coach for the varsity team, is able to relate to his basketball players because he knows what it’s like to be one. He has played for a number of European teams in the past, and he enjoys sharing stories of his travels and adventures.

Mr. Riley is an enthusiastic addition to the Raider football coach roster. He admires the winning spirit at STA and looks forward to a successful season with the Raiders. Mr. Riley is serving as a substitute teacher during his first year here. While he did not originally set out to become a teacher, he stated that he has really come to enjoy educating students.

The Raiders welcome the new members of the STA community and look forward to learning brilliant things from them.

Photos By: Raider Review