Jack and Jill’s Not So Scary Trunk or Treat

By: Madison Nualart, Hannah Jones and Alexandra Margelu
OCT 30, 2017

Parent dressed up as the Mad Hatter                    

Trunk or Treat is an annual event that gives children a chance to celebrate Halloween in a safe and secure environment. Volunteers for Jack and Jill’s Trunk or Treat decorated their cars and arrived at the Center to distribute candy to the trick-or-treaters on Saturday, October 28, 2017. This event had a great turnout from the local community, including students from multiple schools who helped out as volunteers.   It was very heartwarming to see how the high school students and Jack & Jill workers came together to ensure that  the kids had a very enjoyable Halloween. Excitement lit up the children’s faces.

Student dressed as Wonder Woman        

Raider volunteers really went full-out, dressing up to make sure that the experience was the best it could be for the little ones. The Jack and Jill children certainly got into the spooky spirit with their head-to-toe Halloween costumes. One little girl dressed up as Wonder Woman and her best accessory was her ear-to-ear smile. It was very festive to see all the children dressed up as their favorite characters. Jack and Jill’s Trunk or Treat was a huge success, and the  community is looking forward to next year’s event.

STA’s Jack & Jill club moderator, Mr. O’Dea said that an alumna, Megan Myer (‘07)  “… is now the person for public relations at Jack & Jill.” She is also the person who was responsible for organizing the Trunk or Treat. He went to say that “STA has been involved for several years, as we have been going there since 1983. So ever since Jack & Jill started Trunk or Treat, we have been involved.” Mr.O’Dea also explained that anyone can get involved by contacting friends who have been participants in the Jack & Jill club or speaking with him about how to help out. Mr. O’Dea expressed enthusiasm about club members’ generosity in sharing their time and energy with the children at the Jack & Jill center. While this community work provides service hours, students discover that the true reward is the smiles of the little children whom they work with each week.  


Photos: Hannah Jones