STA Makes a Statement at the Maker Faire

By: Jayden Royal, Matthew Emmanuel and Shannon Scandiffio
NOV 30, 2017

On the weekend of November 10, 2017, Barnes & Noble (B&N) held its annual Mini Maker Faire across the country. For the third year Mr. Robert Horton, Community Business Development Manager, organized this event for the Fort Lauderdale store. Barnes & Noble has partnered with Maker Media, creators of Make: Magazine and Maker Faire, to host an all-age celebration of the maker movement.

Each year Mr. Horton has invited high school students to participate, as well as to help demonstrate the technology-based products that are sold at B&N. The Mini Maker Faire is also an opportunity for local high schools to showcase their educational technology to the public. Once again, Mr. Horton invited St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) to participate. STA’s student reporters not only helped with the faire, but they also covered the event for STA’s STEM program was represented at the event, and they even brought one of the competition robots to impress the customers.

B&N provided many hands-on demos so that customers could test their technology products. In an interview with Mallory, who is a sales associate at Barnes & Noble, she described a new musical sensation, the Roli. This musical device connects to any phone and composes music using different instruments with a wide range of musical tones that can be downloaded from an app called Noise. The Roli currently runs for about $200 online at

STA reporters also interviewed Robert Horton, who said, that as well as STA, two other schools participated this year; Pinecrest and Westminster Academy. Mr. Horton wanted to emphasize that not only is Barnes & Nobles about books but also now sells technological objects such as droids and drones. When asked about his role, he said “ I’m just trying to keep people involved, make sure people come, and make sure they enjoy themselves.” Each year new and improved products are showcased to encourage young hobbyists to make a difference in the future of this technological world.