First to the Scene

By Madison Nualart, Hannah Jones and Alexandra Margelu
DEC 11, 2017

Back of Fire Rescue Truck

The City of Plantation’s Fire Department staffs five rescue trucks, 24 hours a day, with an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and two paramedics. The Fire Rescue Division has been serving the people of Plantation since March of 1996. This division alone responds to more than 8,500 calls annually. According to Plantation city’s website, “ This process, known as System Status Management, has resulted in an average response time, from receipt of the 9-1-1 call to arrival, of approximately three minutes, 90% of the time.” This statistic proves that the employees are dedicated and motivated to keeping this community safe.

Plantation Fire Department sign

 The State of Florida requires EMTs and paramedics to recertify every two years. The Plantation Fire Department far exceeds the requirements mandated by the state. The knowledge and skills are regularly evaluated by the training division to assure that the medics are providing top-notch service to the residents of Plantation during emergencies. Due to these stringent standards the Plantation rescue team is able to provide competent services in an efficient and effective manner.

View of the Fire Rescue Truck from the side

Lieutenant Tery Echevarria, of the Plantation Fire Rescue, told Raider Review that “Working 24 hour shifts can be a little difficult at times because we are away from home, we do miss holidays and weekends… But now I have what I consider a family at the station.” The Rescue team is not only a group of coworkers, but a family. Lieutenant Sandy Wallet, explained the job requirements, “We ride the rescue, and when you call 911… we’re the ones who show up to treat you and take you to the hospital.” The Raider community appreciates how much emergency workers, like those in the Plantation Fire Rescue, do for their communities.


 Photos: Madison Nualart