Farewell, Campus Ministry Seniors

By Alexandra Margelu, Hannah Jones and Madison Nualart
MAY 3, 2018

The Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) class of 2018 is counting the days until their final day of high school. The next two weeks of school are full of “lasts” for all of the seniors. This includes their last time attending an STA sporting event, cheering on fellow classmates, going to any final club meetings, and saying goodbye to the peers they have been working alongside for the past four years. One of those “lasts” that a few seniors experienced recently occurred on April 19th when the senior members of Campus Ministry attended their last Night Of Fellowship at STA.   

Every month STA’s Campus Ministry hosts a Night Of Fellowship, and this month’s theme was saying goodbye to the senior members. It was an emotional evening for the attendees; full of laughter and tears when the younger Campus Ministry members said goodbye to the seniors with whom they worked, and looked to for guidance, these past years. The evening started off with Father Liam Quinn (Pastor at All Saints Catholic Church) giving an inspirational talk about keeping faith, saying goodbye, and advising seniors to be careful once leaving STA. All attendees were moved by his words of wisdom, as well as the jokes that he told throughout his talk. After singing some joyous songs led by a group of students, and even by Father Quinn, members went on to receive communion. Afterward, everyone gathered for a meal of tacos with a side of guacamole and chips, which was all prepared by the Campus Ministry underclassmen. This was then followed by a variety of options for dessert. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors organized a brilliant evening that the seniors will cherish for a very long time.

Some of the seniors shared with Raider Review their overall favorite memories as members of Campus Ministry, while helping to organize Night Of Fellowships every month. Charles Read, a member of Campus Ministry for three years, explained that his favorite memory was “… saying goodbye to the seniors last year, we had been with them for two years so a lot of us had a deep connection with them. Seeing them go off to college was really special, and now it’s our turn to have that moment.”

At the end of the last Night of Fellowship for this school year, all Campus Ministry members gathered around to watch a video montage of fun memories that the seniors experienced throughout their time with Campus Ministry. Junior Mandy Salanova said “We love them all and definitely will miss them. We were inspired by their ministry and friendship.”


These Raider Review reporters wish all the seniors safe travels and the best of luck with their upcoming adventures!