South Florida’s Instagram Playground

By Madison Nualart, Hannah Jones and Alexandra Margelu
SEPT 25, 2018

The ultimate goal of today’s post-millennials is to have the best Instagram feed possible. Teens are always trying to come up with ways to have the most aesthetic profile, as well as an organized feed. To achieve this goal, the requirements include the perfect location, the ideal style, and the most creative caption. These reporters cannot lend a helping hand with outfits and captions, but here are some recommendations for the best places in South Florida to use as backdrops for photos.

A few fan-favorites in the Miami area are Wynwood, Sugar Factory, and the Umbrella Sky Project. Wynwood is the perfect place to go, not only to take pictures, but also to admire the original artwork, splashed across the walls of buildings around every corner. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor art exhibit of street murals created by artists from around the world. These murals are ideal opportunities for Instagramers to capture the art while posing alone or with friends. If getting something to eat, while snapping photos is the goal, then Sugar Factory is a must. Sugar Factory is a candy store as well as an American brasserie located on Miami Beach. This restaurant offers an assortment of dishes complemented by Sugar Factory’s signature drinks which are served up in “Goblets.” The over-the-top drinks are tasty beverages, which are so extravagant that they inspire diners to take pictures. The drinks are colorful, with candy overflowing from the sides, and dried ice smoke pours out of them. Assorted candy are also on display before entering the dining area. The sweet and colorful atmosphere makes patrons feel like children in a candy shop.

The Umbrella Project is another art installation, located in the Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables. This art pop-up won’t be here forever, so it is best to visit as soon as possible and don’t miss the rare opportunity to take a picture in front of these colorful, floating umbrellas in the sky.

Meanwhile, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there are many locations that also have quintessential backgrounds. Some of the most popular places in this area are the F.A.T village, Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria, the Alchemist, and the Jetties. The F.A.T (Flagler Arts Technology) Village Arts District has a similar look to Wynwood Walls, with graffiti covered walls as well as an Artwalk that takes place on the last Saturday of each month. These Artwalks consist visits to food trucks, stands where local artists sell a variety of merchandise, live music, and open galleries showcasing art exhibits. A very popular restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale area is Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria. This restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating area with exquisite scenery for Instagram photos, along with a wide variety of delicious Italian food. Another must-go-to restaurant is The Alchemist, which is a coffee shop with tons of character that has accumulated over the years. It is known for its iced coffee, amazing breakfast sandwiches, and the picture opportunities that it provides. After enjoying a meal in the garden seating, guests are able to take a walk to the back area of the property, where they will find multiple graffiti filled walls of beautiful original works. Last on the list is the Fort Lauderdale Jetties. This spot has a clear view of the port where visitors can sit on the rocks and enjoy watching the cruise ships and boats go by. The sunrise in the mornings provides a wonderful setting for posts.

These Raider Review reporters hope that the suggestions will help enthusiasts find a new place to pose for the camera. Armed with this information, it’s up to Instagramers to go out and explore what South Florida has to offer.