Crazy About Crazy Rich Asians

By Sabrina Solla, Benjamin Rabinowitz and Matthew Jones
OCT 5, 2018

Allyson Chiu of the Washington Post describes Crazy Rich Asians as “… the first major Hollywood production … to have an all-Asian cast in 25 years.” This movie is based on a book by Kevin Kwan, that tells the story about how New York University professors Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) struggle to preserve their love. When Rachel and Nick go to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, Rachel discovers who the Young family really is. She quickly realizes that she is going to have to win over one of Singapore’s most elite families.

Monica Castillo, a reporter for, describes the tension that drives the plot, “…

The main actors of Crazy Rich Asians.                Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez

Nick’s mom Eleanor’s (Michelle Yeoh) disapproval is written in every muscle … as if she’s physically rejecting the outsider her son has dragged into their mansion. Rachel lacks the monied pedigree Eleanor desires for her son, and each of the women’s exchanges doubles as a painful reminder of their class differences.” Rachel’s visit to Singapore isn’t a walk in the park, but she doesn’t let it get to her. She stands up for herself but she is respectful of others at the same time. Although Nick makes an effort to smooth things over, several of his friends and relatives try make Rachel feel bad about herself and her heritage. They treat her like a peasant, as if they are the royals. Despite this, she keeps her head up, maintains a positive outlook and refuses to be defined by their attitudes. This is a must see movie because not only is it an exquisite love story, it will also make the audience laugh until their stomachs hurt.