STA’s Secret Sock Society

By Madison Nualart, Alexandra Margelu and Hannah Jones
NOV 20, 2018 

Private and Catholic schools are known to have mandatory uniforms. With the unvarying attire, one of the ways that students escape from the uniformity of the school day is crazy socks.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) Raiders love to express themselves in the most creative ways. Originality is embraced by the current generation, who enjoy customizing outfits and personalizing objects. STA senior Kayla Scott told Raider Review “In a school where everyone is dressed the same, the only way we are able to be different is to express ourselves through our crazy socks.” Socks bring tiny specks of individuality and fun to students’ lives.

STA students wearing their crazy socks
Photo: Madison Nualart

Even with sock fever at STA, some are not too fond or don’t have a care for unique socks. Of the five hundred seventy-one students who responded to a recent Raider Review survey, approximately eighteen percent said that they don’t participate in this trend. The majority of the respondents are fans of all kinds of crazy socks. The results indicated that colorful socks are a fan favorite, but holiday-themed socks were a close second.

STA students wearing their Halloween socks
Photo: Madison Nualart

Everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to wear what they want on their feet, scattering the hallways with original and eye-catching socks. Students are extremely grateful that the STA administration allows them to express themselves in this way. So many are crazy about wacky socks that it seems as though this secret-sock society is not so secret after all!