Discover Distance Learning

By Zatoria Thompson, Matthew Emmanuel, and Madison Schlichte
DEC 14, 2018

High school grads can do it all! From choosing higher education to earning an income, there is a workable option that lets students take on both in this generation of advanced technology. Anyone who has access to a computer, wifi, and plenty of self motivation can balance this lifestyle. This option, of course, is distance learning.

Sarah Layton of AESEducation describes distance learning as “…students being educated without in-person interaction among their instructor or peers…” which can be beneficial Taking online college courses is another option that a student has, but it differs from distance learning in many ways. It is important for high school students to know what types of opportunities, for higher education, are available.

This shows a distance education program. Photo credits: wikimedia

Online and distance learning have many similarities but should not be mistaken for one another. Yes, they both require computers and wifi, but AESEducation contributor Sarah Layton explains that the three big differences are: “…location, Interaction, intention…” which are key elements for high school students

to consider. With online learning, “…students can still be in a classroom with an instructor and use online learning…,” but for distance learning, students are completely by themselves. These days, someone who is stationed in a one country can take studies in another.  Ms. Layton uses the example that, “…someone in Japan could take a course that is offered in Sweden.,” which shows how just diverse distance education can be. Students now have a chance to study at their dream schools, regardless of where they live.

Education can be taught not only in a classroom but also on a computer. Photo: Maxpixel

Since it is essential for students to make choices based on their learning styles, they should know all the options that are available for college. Schools should start making students aware of the variety of education options, in earlier grades, because not only can college students can take advantage of distance learning, grade schoolers and high schoolers have these options as well. Since distance learning can reach across many borders, it brings knowledge to a more diverse population. It is quickly becoming the education for the future!