Clemson Conquers Roll Tide

By Matthew Jones, Benjamin Rabinowitz and Sabrina Solla
Jan 22, 2019

The College Football Championship Game finally arrived with Clemson and Alabama emerging as the top finalists. Coming into the game, both teams had an undefeated record of 14-0. These teams faced each other in previous College Football Championship Games, when Alabama won in 2016 and Clemson won in 2017.

The game started with Clemson receiving the ball first. They got an immediate 3-and-out and punted the ball to Alabama. On Alabama’s first drive Tua Tagovailoa threw a pick-6 to Clemson cornerback AJ Terrell Jr. Next drive for Alabama, Tagovailoa had a long touchdown throw to Jerry Jeudy. On Clemson’s following drive, they had a running touchdown by Travis Etienne. At the end of the first quarter the score was 14 to 13 for Clemson.

In the second quarter, Clemson’s defense locked up the Alabama offense by holding them to only 3 points. They caught a second interception on the Alabama offence as well. Clemson’s offense got even better that quarter too, scoring 17 more points on Alabama’s Roll Tide defense.

Clemson Tigers, Trevor Lawrence throwing a pass.
Photo: Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

After halftime, the game slowed down. Clemson scored 13 more points in the third quarter, and zero points in the fourth. Alabama scored zero points after halftime which resulted in Clemson winning the College National Championship 44-16.

Clemson’s head coach, Dabo Swinney, told Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report, “We’re not supposed to be here, we’re just little old Clemson.” He also said they were there because of God and the teams faith. Swinney was proud about the fact that his team was the first ever to go 15-0 in college football history.