The Chirp About Bird Box

By Madison Nualart, Alexandra Margelu, Hannah Jones
JAN 22, 2019 

With the release of the new Netflix movie Bird Box, on December 13, 2018, people are chirping about its massive views and rising internet presence. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “The streaming giant has claimed more than 45 million subscribers watched the post-apocalyptic thriller within seven days of its debut.” Having been viewed by approximately one-third of Netflix subscribers, worldwide, the movie is a major success and a social media craze.

Bird Box’s main character, Sandra Bullock Photo: flickr

This “post-apocalyptic thriller,” Bird Box is based on a novel written by Josh Malerman. The movie constantly switches between the present and flashbacks from five years prior. Flashbacks are incorporated as a way to show viewers important past events that explain the present circumstances. America is hit by a deadly invisible force with no way to stop it. Eye contact with this mysterious entity reveals people’s worst fears and compels them to harm themselves. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and fellow survivors must avoid the evil presence at all costs and, throughout the movie, survival is the number one priority.

Malorie is depicted as a protector, rather than a mother. Although she doesn’t have a strong relationship with her kids, she fights with everything she has to keep her children safe. Sandra Bullock told Variety “As a mum, you think those [worst] thoughts, it’s just part of your makeup… Every mum will look at this and go, ‘That river is my journey as a parent.” The story climaxes when Malorie and the children, blindfolded, take on a roaring river to reach the “safe place”.

If social media chatter was any indication, people couldn’t wait to watch the movie that was causing a frenzy online, making it the top viewed Netflix original movie. Will Netflix’s next original movie knock Bird Box off its high throne beating 45 million streams?