The Mind Behind Lyrical Lemonade

By Matthew Jonas, Sabrina Solla, Benjamin Rabinowitz
APR 9, 2019

From recording in a small suburban neighborhood outside of Chicago to recording on the streets of New York City, Cole Bennett has accomplished all this by the age of 22. When he was only 18, Bennett started directing and publishing music videos for rappers who posted on SoundCloud. He thought of the idea during his junior year of high school and created the YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade.

In 2016, one of Bennett’s music videos, featuring the now-famous rapper Dexter, went viral. This made other rappers in the area want to have their music videos filmed by Bennett. Later in the year, Bennett recorded a music video for the rapper Smokepurpp. This video blew up and now has 12 million views.

Using the money that he made from his videos, Bennett was able to purchase more advanced equipment. In 2017, one of his regular clients, Ski Mask The Slump God, asked Bennett to record a music video in New York City. With upgraded softwares, Bennett made what can be arguably described as the most creative music video ever. The video rapidly gained traction, drew well over 80 million views, and is one of the top videos on his channel.

Cole Bennett interview,  Photo:

However, popularity brought out the competition. One major company, Vevo, which is also on YouTube, is known to have made deals with hundreds of artists. In an interview with Cal Hx, reporter for the Genius website, Bennett said, “As these [artists] are getting bigger, it’s a different ballpark than it used to be,” and they are signing up with services that draw larger audiences than Lyrical Lemonade.

With Bennett’s career still on the rise, could he become one of the best video directors and producers, or will he remain small and humble? Either way, this 22-year old continues to make a name for himself.