March Madness

By Benjamin Rabinowitz, Matthew Jones and Sabrina Solla
APR 12, 2019

2019 March Madness finally arrived with all 68 Division I College Basketball teams ready for action. March Madness is the annual NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) college basketball tournament, which occurs during March. Prior to the tournament, fans around the world have made their final predictions for which teams they believe will win.

On the first day of March Madness, the games went as expected, with the higher-ranked teams easily slicing through the lower-ranked teams. However, there was one major upset when Marquette University, ranked fifth, was crushed by 12th-ranked Murray State. Temetrius Morant lead Murray State with a triple-double which hasn’t happened since 2012 when Draymond Green did the same for Michigan State.

In the round of 32, the exciting game between the two high-ranked teams, Duke and UCF, was extremely nerve wracking. UCF’s seven-foot-six center Tacko Falls and point guard Aubrey Dawkins led the Knights to a strong start. Dawkins had a whopping 32 points and played all 40 minutes of the game. The Knights were ahead the whole game until the two freshmen from Duke, Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett, kicked it into high gear to secure Duke’s 77-76 close win.

During the Sweet Sixteen games there were no surprises when Duke, Michigan State, Virginia, Purdue, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Auburn, and Kentucky moved on to the Elite Eight. The Elite Eight was an exciting round. The team that was expected to win the championship, Duke, was upset by Michigan State. It was a close game with Duke losing by one point. Therefore, the final four teams were Michigan State, Virginia, Auburn, and Texas Tech.

Kyle Guy celebrating Virginia’s win.
Photo by Getty Images

The Final Four was a nail-biter. With less than a second remaining, Virginia’s shooting guard, Kyle Guy, successfully made his free-throws, overcoming Auburn, and leading his team to the championship game. In the Texas Tech and Michigan State game, the underdogs, Texas Tech, emerged with a 61-51 win. Matt Mooney carried Texas with 22 points and played 36 of the 40-minutes.

The championship game, when Virginia faced Texas Tech, was intense. Virginia started off strong in the first half, leading Texas Tech 32-29. Virginia continued to keep their points ahead of Texas Tech, until the Red Raiders stepped up to put the game into overtime. Virginia stayed on top of game and ended up being victorious. Virginia’s shooting guard Kyle Guy earned the MVP for the round of the Final Four.