STA Goes International

By Isabella Longo, Jake Mawhinney and Denzel Eustache
MAY 6, 2019

In recent years, St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) began the tradition of the annual International Fair. Originally, the International Fair booths only exhibited wares that pertained to the language classes and clubs that were offered at STA. Now the fair represents more diverse cultures and countries. On April 11, 2019, STA students set up several booths in the gym. The fair exposed attendees to the wonders of world cultures and let them symbolically travel around the world in just one afternoon.

A fair participant dressed for the occasion.
Photo: Denzel Eustache

The authenticity of cultures, which the booths represented, was a crucial component for the fair. Moderator of the Fair, Ms. May Basse explained to Raider Review how the booths are created. She elaborated by explaining that each group of students, who helped to coordinate the event, got together and chose a country to portray. Each group’s booth included some native foods, games, and other attractions that pertained to the culture of their chosen country.  

The International Fair’s main goal was to introduce students to different cultures. This goal was accomplished by the immersive experiences provided by the fair. From trying different savory foods, to hearing and watching students performing energetic, rhythmic music, the attendees learned about different cultures in a fun way.

A group of students standing with the booth they created.
Photo: Denzel Eustache

The countries brought to the International Fair included Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Cuba. Traditional foods, cultural clothing, games, arts and crafts were on display. The booths were also decorated with vibrant colors based on the flags of the countries that they represented. Performances such as L’wa, a Haitian dance, Irish singing, and cultural instruments exemplified the different types of native music to engage the participants.

The International Fair this year was a success that encompassed the spirit of many different cultures and traditions.