Rally the Raiders

By Sydney Anderson, Alley Faulkner, & Yvan Polynice
OCT. 17, 2019

The annual St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) Homecoming Week generated great excitement once again. Field day, pep rally and the homecoming dance were some of the highlights of the week. The dance took place on Saturday, October 12, 2019, and the pep rally was held on Friday, October 11. Homecoming was a time when Raiders enthusiastically demonstrated their school pride.  

Leading up to the Homecoming game, STA held fun-filled field games on Friday morning and a pep rally on Friday afternoon. Each grade at STA had two winners for the homecoming court. During the pep rally, the Homecoming court performed the traditional hoco handshake. Every girl was escorted across the gym. At STA, it is a tradition by the homecoming court to create a handshake with their escort. One well known event during the pep rally was the spirit stick. During the rally, it was brought around the gym and the grade that made the most noise won the spirit stick. There were performances by the STA cheerleaders and dancers. Another STA favorite, the Disney-themed comedy skits were presented by STA juniors and seniors. The junior’s skit was based on Hollywood studios and the seniors, dressed up as Disney characters, performed a Magic Kingdom skit that included many popular songs. 

The pep rally got all students, as well as faculty, hyped and ready for the Homecoming football game. Right before the game, the STA alumni and Raider community joined in the celebration. In the end, everybody left happy.