Tracking Your Hours The Right Way

By: Stella Regan, Angelena Sheridan, and Angelina Odger
OCT. 25, 2019

Logging thousands of hours a year sounds like an impossible task, but St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) has developed an easy-to-use program called ServiceTrack. It allows students to submit their service hours and keep them organized during their four years of high school. ServiceTrack, which was created one year ago, also gives students an advantage in finding several different volunteer opportunities. STA’s ServiceTrack has made sorting community service hours simple and efficient for students, faculty, and administration. 

In previous years, one person was responsible for tracking all of the hours that every student submitted. Students were unable to see their hours until report cards were released. Since everything was done on paper, it was very time consuming and had the potential for errors. STA’s Educational Technology Software Developer Mr. Richard Ferrara created ServiceTrack. He identified these inconveniences and found the solution. Mr. Ferarra told the Raider Review that “…last year we developed it in a way so that the club moderators could record the hours directly rather than putting it in on an excel spreadsheet and then sending it over to somebody else… The system provides a much faster feedback to the students.” Now, more than 2,000 students can log their hours and get confirmation almost immediately. 

This program has many advantages. ServiceTrack is accessible 24/7, makes inputting hours faster, provides a list of service hour opportunities, and is also a more accurate way for students to monitor their hours. Mr. Ferrara said that ServiceTrack is unique to St. Thomas Aquinas, but noted that other schools may have similar programs. 

Overall, students appreciate the advantages of this improved technology. ServiceTrack has done much good and the STA community thanks Mr. Richard Ferrara.