Helping Animals One Adoption at a Time

By Angelina Odger, Stella Regan, & Angelena Sheridan
NOV. 18, 2019

Having a pet is a lifelong commitment. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a rabbit, getting an animal from a trusted and reliable place is important. Adopting a pet from a shelter can not only save a life, but also help the community.

One way to help local communities is to adopt an animal. There are thousands of animals around the world who don’t have homes. Many people may think to turn to a local pet store, but they are not always a reliable source for animals. A major appeal of buying a pet from a store is the diversity of animals; however, a shelter can have a more varied selection. “When you go to the shelter you can find, you know, big dogs, small dogs, puppies, elderly animals, all different colors, all different sizes. With the cats, I mean, any kind of cat you can imagine” says Caroline Crane, the Vice President of Education at the Humane Society of Broward County. She also comments on the fact that many stores use places called “puppy mills” as a source for their dogs. A puppy mill uses dogs only to produce puppies, and many keep them in poor conditions. 

Some people may not be able to adopt an animal, but there are still ways to help. 

Volunteering is a major way to help. “You can come and give attention to the animals, walk them, feed them, and clean their cages” Crane comments. There are many different positions for volunteering. For example, by becoming an animal ambassador, one can adopt animals out of his or her home. Another way to help is by spreading the word to friends or family about adopting and volunteering. 

These are some reasons why getting a shelter animal is better than buying from a store. By doing this, not only will a life be saved, but also less money will go to companies that mistreat animals. There are dozens of homeless animals waiting for an owner at local shelters across the world.