Homecoming: The Most Magical Place on Earth

By Yvan Polynice, Sydney Anderson, & Alley Faulkner
OCT. 25, 2019

The St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) 2019 Homecoming Dance was a night to remember. The delectable food on the buffet was very flavorful and raving on the dance floor did result in some stomped-toes for the girls, but in the end, the night was very enjoyable. 

 The dance took place on Saturday, October 12, and students enjoyed a delightful night of singing and dancing. The dance began at 7:00 p.m. and ended at 11:00 p.m. Everyone was picture perfect in their semi-formal attire. The freshman-sophomore dance was held at the school gym and the centerpieces were Disney-themed. The Disc Jockey for the dance was the well-known DJ Falconi. There was an excellent variety at the buffet. The wide selection of appetizers were perfect for students that were craving a little something after dancing their hearts out.

STA homecoming is a time when students, faculty, and alumni can come together to show their school spirit.  A popular homecoming tradition is to find unique ways to ask a fellow student to be your date for the dance. Throughout homecoming week, students devised creative ways to ask their dates to the dance. The attendees partied on the dance floor. The DJ did not disappoint and Raiders are going to remember this night for years to come. 

This year’s Homecoming themes were Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Seniors had the privilege of first choice for their theme because this is their last year at STA. On Friday, each grade competed to create the most uniquely decorated hallway. Students worked so hard to perfect their decorations, before and after school. They could not wait to celebrate the homecoming dance which wrapped up the week.