STA’s Teachers Online Experience

By John Kinney, Alexandra Margelu, and Riley Hilbert
OCT 14, 2020

Online school has become the new norm for many high schools throughout the United States, including STA (Saint Thomas Aquinas). With this new form of learning being the main source of classroom instruction and communication, many individuals have different outlooks and experiences, including teachers. Raider Review sent out a survey to the STA teaching staff, and of the teachers surveyed, around 64.3% preferred traditional in-person schooling, 28.6% preferred online school, and 7.1% preferred both.

This online form of education is not only new and unnerving for students but for teachers as well. According to the Raider Review survey, 72.8% of teachers have never taught using an online platform while 28.2%, a comparatively small margin, have. Many are still trying to adapt to these online concepts, while also maintaining their daily lives. Regardless of whether teachers and students prefer learning online or in person, all have come to the conclusion that they must revamp and embrace this new learning style.

Although STA students are required to stay home, the Raider Review survey concludes that 95.2% of its teachers still come into their designated classrooms every day to teach their online classes. The debate about whether or not students should come back to school continues to intensify. It begs the question, If 95.2% of teachers come to school every day, why can’t the rest of the student body come to school or at least have an option to?

Like students, teachers also have varying opinions on the new online system of learning. According to a survey conducted by Raider Review, 32.5% of teachers now enjoy the decreased amount of traffic on the road, while another 30% like the ten-minute break periods. Nonetheless, many teachers also see flaws in this new education system. According to the Raider Review survey, 35.7% of teachers dislike that they can not interact with their students, while another 33.3% dislike the frequent technical difficulties and wifi issues.

Covid-19 has taken a major toll on many teachers’ and students’ lives through its impact on our learning and teaching methods. One of the major questions asked by many is, ”When will we get back to normal?” While at the moment normal seems very unlikely, both teachers and students can only hope for the best and continue to have a positive attitude. One STA teacher says, “This is the best we have right now and I know both the students and teachers are making the best of this pandemic situation. The students are definitely getting a quality education, whether remote or traditional. The teachers are putting their all into their teaching so the students can adapt. It is like any other situation in life – you get what you give in life. I’m giving my very best and I pray my students are getting a fantastic experience!!!” The Saint Thomas Aquinas community, teachers and students alike, must continue to work hand in hand to overcome the struggles and embrace this new style of online learning.

Feature Image: valentinrussanov via iStock