Gaslighting: Society’s Biggest Mind Player

By Breanna Wells, Alexandra Margelu, and Roxana Margelu
DEC. 11, 2020

Gaslighting is a widely recognized form of manipulation used by many to change the views of others and even cause them to question themselves. According to Healthline, “gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that’s seen in abusive relationships causing someone to question their thoughts, memories, and events around them.” Many people become quick to blame themselves for problems they can’t control. Gaslighting has been around for years but has recently become popular on social media as a way to manipulate people’s minds. Its usage has caused people to second guess themselves and question the validity of their thoughts.

Photo: Blessing Manifesting

A person engaging in gaslighting behaviors may repeat a lie over and over until it becomes true. This may cause someone else to question whether they are right or wrong. This causes disputes between two people allowing one person to question themselves. According to North Pole Recovery, oftentimes those who gaslight tend to use repetitive behavior and escalate disputes if they occur. They tend to be dominant and want control over a person.

The most common background for gaslighting to occur is in stable, long-term relationships, where the individual shames those close to them and will block any statement they are trying to make. Parents may gaslight their children by smothering them with attention one day and then rejecting them the next. This is seen as emotional manipulation, as it not only confuses the child but causes them to question themselves into thinking they are doing something wrong. Additionally, a person may develop anxiety and other mental disorders that affect their relationships and communication skills with others.

People should be cautious of what they view and hear to avoid the effects of gaslighting. An article written by Healthline, recommends that people should “take space away from the situation or speak up about it”. Simple acts such as this can help you to avoid the endless trap of gaslighting and manipulation by people in society.

Feature Image: Pixelseffect // Getty Images