Inside Fashion Trends

By Roxana Margelu, Alexandra Margelu, and Breanna Wells
MAY 1, 2021

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Due to the popularization of the well-known app Tik Tok, past fashion trends from eras such as the 90s and early 2000s have begun to recycle at a rapid pace. Teenagers obsess over every new incoming trend whether or not it may suit their style. The issue is that fleeting trends lead to the loss of fashion identity and mass overconsumption.

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Rapidly changing trends can create a feeling referred to as FOMO or fear of missing out. This is a devious ploy by marketers and brands to ensure that consumers will continue wasting their money on clothes that will quickly become unpopular. Often with fashion trends, once particular clothing is over-worn by a large mass of people, it begins to make the wearer look like a “follower”. To evade this criticism, trend consumers are quick to discard old clothing and move on to new, creating a never-ending chain of toxic consumerism.

Trends are not great for your closet. Creating your own fashion identity is hard when trends constantly come in and out of style. It is important to keep in mind that what you decide to wear is a personal investment, not something you can just easily throw away. Not only will this mindset help the planet, but it will also help you save money and create a more defined sense of style.

These low-cost and high-cost fashion trends are made with a lot of material. Consider the resources used to make these items and the fact that you might throw them away when a new trend is popularized. Things you can do to evade environmentally unfriendly fashion norms include ‘shopping your closet’ and shopping second-hand. Shopping for your closet means figuring out what clothes you might absolutely need to create pairings with your other clothes. When buying clothes, ask yourself if you’ll wear them more than 30 times, if the answer is no, reconsider wasting money on a cheap trend that will most likely fall apart after three or four wears.