The College Dorm Essentials

By Roxana Margelu, Alexandra Margelu, Breanna Wells
MAY 29, 2021

With college life around the corner, prepping the essentials for a comfortable dorm life becomes a top priority on a senior’s mind. Most colleges have websites that include a list of essential items needed for suitable dorm life. Although if yours doesn’t, don’t fret! There are a lot of other resources available to find awesome dorm life lists that include all those niche appliances or goods you might’ve forgotten. Collegeboard, a big factor in the college process most American teens have gone through, even have their very own “Off-to-College Checklist” at. This checklist includes a vast list of room needs/storage, linens/laundry supplies, office/desk supplies, electronics, shared items, toiletries, clothing, household, and kitchen items.When beginning a new school, it’s important to verify what your school offers; loft beds, fridges, microwaves, etc. Although it’s important to be prepared, over-preparation often becomes an issue for some students. Often, less is more. For example, too many cleaning supplies might stay unopened. When concerning goods such as alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer, take what you need! In addition, having good “moving” bags can also be a big help in the transition process of a high schooler to a college student, and Blue IKEA bags are a must! They’re great for moving and easily foldable. When moving circumstances such as this occur, they’re definitely something to look into.

Worried or not worried, any move can be difficult at times. Finding suitable essentials that fit your taste may take some time as well as some of your coins. It’s extremely important to give yourself enough of both to find all of the items you may need. With a positive attitude about the future, you’ll enter freshman year as ready as ever.