Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

By: Abigail Juskiewicz

As the Christmas spirit fills the air, the majority of people are getting ready to open up the presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  Many students have midterms or final exams coming up and other stressful things happening, which can make it difficult to embrace the seasonal cheer. If you are finding it hard to get into the spirit, here are some fun and relaxing things to help you fill your days with Christmas cheer.

  1. Music

Everyone loves a good Christmas Carol especially if it includes Christmas karaoke! So dust off your microphones, belt out a good old Christmas song and have yourself a merry little dance party.

  1. Christmas Cookies

Many agree that Christmas cookies are the best type of cookies whether it’s gingerbread cookies, Pillsbury cookies, or your own home-baked cookies.  Hot chocolate is always a nice addition to help wash down your favorite cookies. Almond and oat milk are excellent lactose-free alternatives for your hot chocolate!

  1. Put Up Lights, Decorations and a Tree

If you can’t get yourself into the Christmas spirit, you can get your room or house into it. Go out, get yourself an inexpensive string of lights and a little Christmas tree, real or fake, and put them up for all to see.  This festive addition will help to brighten the room, and your spirits!

  1. Make a Christmas List 

Is there a  pair of shoes or shorts that you want to buy but keep putting it off? Put them on a Christmas list, along with other favorite coveted items!  Exchange your list with friends and enjoy a festive gift exchange.   

  1. Giving Back to Others

Although you might not be alone or in need this holiday, many others are. There are a number of ways to give back during the Christmas season.  Visit a food pantry or Adopt a Family for Christmas.  Adopt a Family for Christmas is where you are able to provide a meal for a less fortunate family.  Smaller acts of kindness, such as baking cookies and bringing them to your neighbor will bring a smile to both of your faces!