A Season of Lasting Friendships

By Abigail Juskiewicz

This 2021-2022 Girls’ JV soccer season might not have been their best, but it was one of the best for making friendships and true team bonding. In a Google survey interview, the players revealed their shared opinions about the season. The girls all loved how they came together, not just as friends, but also as a team, especially towards the end of the season. Some of the girls even said that coming together, and making new friends, was their favorite part of the entire season. 

Team member Ava Staley said that “the games and players are like my family. My favorite part of the season was going to practice every day and having fun with my teammates.” Even Coach Sarah Guensler admired the way in which the girls worked together saying she loved, “Watching the players grow into a team as the season progressed. They truly strengthened their bond every step of the way.” These girls made an amazing bond with their coach too. Teammate Dani Haweny said, “I had a very good relationship with my coach and she made the season fun but still made us work hard.” Teammate Sofia Ruffolo said, “She was always encouraging and helped us to get better every day. She allowed us to still have fun while working hard.” Even though this season wasn’t the underfed season they were hoping for, they never gave up. Rain or shine, these girls played their hearts out. This dedication was exhibited at the end of the season when they finished the season off with their 6-game winning streak. 

Forms response chart. Question title: Did you make lasting friendships with your teammates?. Number of responses: 13 responses.