New to the STA Family

By Abigail Juskiewicz

Most people like it when they get a new student in their class. It means a new person to help them with their homework, and more importantly a new friend. But what is it like for them? 

Some of the transfer students provided insight on what it is like for them to transfer into a new school in the middle of the school year; and they all had different things to say. 

Sophomore, Brian Suarez, is welcomed into the STA community by his peers. (L to R)
Abigail Juskiewicz, Isabella Catano-Chica, Nicole Davis, Sofia Gonzalez, Kayal Troutman, Alyssa Reyes, Abigail Pierre, Brian Suarez (transfer)

First off, why transfer here and not somewhere else? The answer is not just sports, but academics too.  Many said that their classes are harder than what they are used to but overall, they are enjoying them. One transfer, Brian Suarez, a sophomore, said, “The education at St. Thomas Aquinas is better and harder than my old school. The facilities and environment are better. The teachers teach the students and want them to become better students and learn.” Other students made a point to mention that the teachers here really made a difference and made an effort to help them. “It’s different because of how much the teachers care to make sure you understand something and don’t let you leave clueless. There are amazing people and school spirit here as well when in my other school there was not any,” said Juliano Massarelli, a freshman.  

Forms response chart. Question title: Was it hard to transfer in the middle of the year?. Number of responses: 3 responses.

Though these transfers might have been apprehensive to come to a new school, where most of them didn’t know anyone, overall they are enjoying the fresh perspective. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School has successfully created a welcoming environment where even a mid-year transfer student can feel at home.

Forms response chart. Question title: Has STA met your expectations?. Number of responses: 3 responses.