Brian Flores Suing the NFL

By Chris Adams

Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores is suing the NFL; the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and New York Giants. Brian Flores is alleging that he was the victim of racism in interviews with the Giants and the Broncos. Flores interviewed with the Denver Broncos back in 2019 before the Broncos eventually hired Vic Fangio. The New York Giants are being sued because Flores is alleging that they had already known who they would hire before they even interviewed him. The Giants then went on to hire Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Dabool. The Miami Dolphins are also included in the lawsuit. Flores claims in his lawsuit that back in 2019, when he was the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, Owner Steven Ross offered him 100,000 dollars per loss and wanted him to lose games on purpose in order to get the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. He also alleges that the Miami Dolphins met with Tom Brady before he was a free agent back in 2019. The Giants have released a statement saying there is no truth to Flores’ allegations, and they conducted a thorough, day-long, interview. The Denver Broncos also released a statement denying Flores’ allegations. Miami Dolphins Owner Steven Ross also denied Flores’ allegations that he had paid Brian Flores money to lose games back in 2019. The NFL has launched an investigation into Brian Flores’ allegations into the Miami Dolphins. If the NFL finds evidence that the Miami Dolphins were tanking and losing games on purpose, the Dolphins could lose draft picks, be fined, and most importantly Owner Steven Ross could be forced to sell the team. Time will only tell how these allegations will play out; Brian Flores and the NFL will now have to battle in court instead of on a football field.