Summer @ STA

By Lila De Almeida

The last day of school is the 8th of June, but for many STA students, the learning will not be over yet. The Summer Institute begins on June 13, with a variety of classes available for St. Thomas students to earn .5 academic credits, with either full or half GPA weight factor. Classes last until June 29, leaving students with the entire month of July at their fingertips.

The Summer Institute is not exclusive to current St. Thomas students. Rising 7th and 8th graders may also enroll, which can be beneficial before they start their high school experience. This way, they can become acquainted with the STA environment. Students can also satisfy their required physical education credit over the summer, instead of doing it during the school year. 

Aside from physical education, there are also English, science, math, social studies, fine arts, and theology electives. Students can remediate a failing semester grade by retaking the class in the Summer Institute. The grade they receive will be factored into their GPA, replacing the failing grade. However, this does not apply to AP or dual enrollment classes. Some programs that stand out include Broadcast Journalism I Honors, a fine arts credit; Integrated Science I, a science elective; the Mock Trial Experience, a general elective; and Yearbook, for either an English elective credit or for service hours. There are many more options shown on the STA website. The deadline for registration this year is May 31, so if you’re interested, make sure to guarantee yourself a spot before it’s too late!