One Final Show

By: Valentina Ramos

The productions of most school plays take a lot of time and effort, and the production of Peter and the Starcatcher was no exception. Students and teachers spent many hours making this production come to life. After the critically acclaimed production of The Addams Family earlier in the school year, the STA Thespians felt compelled to repeat their success with this show.

The STA Players started off the production by doing a script reading with the full cast. They had regular rehearsals, learned their lines and staging scenes, while also practicing interactions and building the characters’ relationships with one another. Additionally, they rehearsed original choreography with Katie Christianson, who also played Molly Aster. Along with that, they learned and practiced the songs sung throughout the play with music director, Sean Regan. In the weeks leading up to the opening night, the cast and crew began rehearsals in the theater with the full finished set. They stayed for late rehearsals, rehearsing with microphones, makeup, costumes, props, music, and lights.

The cast included: Cameron Wasteney, Alexander Mayer, Katie Christianson, Andi Klein, Dakota Degenhardt, Anthony St.Germain, Sammy Jo Strassel, Javier Vinuela, Daniel Ramos, Fransico Gomez, Deanna Wallace, Christopher Zarn, Zlata Neshtenko, Sebastian Baena, Milana Vega, Alessandro Richter, Mateo Cruz, Mandy Auguste, Reina DiRoberto, Katie Egues, Ava T. Fowler, Kelly Indui,  Mikayla Martinez-Hobbs, Mia Palmieri, Isabella Peralta, Kaylee Ramos, Isabela Rangel, Joanne Roy, and Kennedy Zinkler. The production ran in the Bienes Center for the Arts from March 31st to April 3rd.

Featuring: The cast of Peter and the Starcatcher

As they approached opening night, the cast and crew of Peter and the Starcatcher worked tirelessly to fine-tune the show so that it was as spectacular as it could be. Those last few days were very stressful for both the cast and crew, especially the Seniors, Class of 2022, seeing as this would be their last production with STA. Everyone wanted to make sure this production would be the ultimate farewell to the Seniors, one last performance that would hopefully be very memorable.

As the last night of the show came to an end, the Players gave their all on stage for one final performance. The experience was bittersweet, and they made sure to enjoy every second of it. Though the end of the night was filled with tears and emotional goodbyes, the entire cast and crew were proud of what they had accomplished, and they made many memories they would cherish forever.

Left to right: Isabella Christoff (Audio Mixer-Sound Crew Chief), Isabella Lizarazo (Makeup Artist), Isabella Tejada (Assistant Stage Manager), and Alexandra Davis (Light Board Operator-Crew Chief)