National Signing Day 2016

By Hailie Avila, Christina Nelson and Tessa Waterman
FEB 10, 2016


Every year St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) hosts a celebration for the athletes that sign to various colleges. Signing Day is hosted on the first Wednesday in February and is an opportunity for the STA senior athletes to sign a letter of intent with the college of their choice. Once again, STA seniors signed to colleges across the United States and the looks on their faces, conveyed the excitement of the event.  

STA Signing Day is an occasion where senior athletes announce their college of choice to family, classmates and the press. The athletes greatly appreciate the support of teachers and classmates. Alexa Cruz, an STA track and cross country runner, stated “I’ve learned so much from all the teachers, as well as from my fellow classmates. STA provided the tools and guidance that I needed in order to succeed. I was able to develop a strong work ethic and positive mentality from my experiences at STA.”

Gianni Serio said, “STA helped me by pushing me to work harder and surrounding me with people who push me to do my best.” Forty-six STA athletes signed to 44 different colleges. Students signed for a variety of sports, ranging from water polo to football. Athletes were joined, on stage, by their coaches and families to share this special moment A list of all the signers is available on the STA website: List of Signers