The Innovation Center

By Brianna Naderpour, Bradley Cusnier, and Emily Dupas

FEB 18, 2016

The highly acclaimed Innovation Center is about to celebrate its first birthday. The Innovation Center features five brand new classrooms that offer a technological spin on the concept of learning environments. The center has two entrances; the main staircase and elevator are located in the hallway near the cafeteria, by the vending machines and across from classroom 204. The second entrance is between classrooms 301 and 300. With high-tech equipment everywhere you look, it seems to meet every student and teacher’s expectations. But does it really? Students and teachers who use the Innovation Center regularly, were quick to give their opinions about one of the newest additions to the Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) campus.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 8.07.23 AMThe teachers take advantage of the highly accessible technology and use it to engage their students. Mrs. Wray said, “I wouldn’t say that it changes my teaching style but being in the Innovation Center gives me an opportunity to try different projects. For example, once Algebra 2 starts working with parabolas, we will be using an interactive website on the touch screen TV’s to write equations of parabolas for the flight of angry birds.”

The new look of the Innovation Center is not only pleasing to teachers, but to students as well. Freshman Lauren Stephens said, “I love the new seats, the acoustics, and the televisions in the back that we’re able to use to see what the teacher does.” Senior Andrew Acosta likes “…the fact that there are two TV’s in the back of the room so that all students can view the material.”

IMG_1493Mrs. King likes how teaching in the Innovation Center provides her classes with a new level of learning: “Overall, I like them [the students] to be able to get into a group really fast. I like them to be able to move back out into their corners. I love that flexibility of the classroom, which is really nice.” This facility proves just how far technology has advanced in schools today, and it is just the beginning of STA’s high-tech future.