STA’s Newbies

By Santiago Rodriguez and Bradley Cusnier
SEPT 15, 2016


Monsignor Kelly addresses the class of 2020, during their first school assembly. Photo Credit: Ms. Layman

Every year St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) welcomes new Raiders. Some of the 514 members of the class of 2020 are finding that high school is a big change compared to middle school. In fact, freshman Jonathan Franzese said that the total number of freshmen at STA is greater than the entire student population at his old school.

STA has something for everyone, so it is no surprise that members from the class of 2020 are already planning to get involved in extracurricular activities and start creating their high school memories.


Freshmen are anxious to begin their first day. Photo Credit: Ms. Layman

Since there are so many sports from which to choose , many freshmen are able to find a sport that they like. Freshmen Chase Lurvey and Gabriel Rabinowitz plan to join the baseball team, while Matthew Lopez and Dylan Bosse look forward to joining the basketball team. The extremely popular STA football program is generating a lot of excitement, and the freshmen are looking forward to attending the games and cheering on our Raiders.

Cailini is another very popular STA event. This all-girls sports competition between every grade arouses excitement among all students. Freshman Graceann Scherer said “Cailini sounds like an amazing event …” and she is really looking forward to being a participant.

STA also offers a large variety of clubs and societies, which can be rather overwhelming for freshmen. With all that STA has to offer, there is definitely something for everyone. Freshman Marissa Massey showed her interest in joining Crossroads and Drama.

STA is celebrating its 80th anniversary, so it is no surprise to hear students say that their parents or grandparents attended this school. STA students have always had school pride, and the class of 2020, without a doubt, is keeping this tradition alive. That happens to be the case for freshmen Aidan Breslin and Jonathan Franzese, each of whom has an STA alum parent.

The class of 2020 is well on their way to making lifelong memories here at STA.