HOCO Takes Over STA

By Bradley Cusnier and Santiago Rodriguez
OCT 03, 2016


Sophomores Curt Casteel, Devyn Verzura, Jenna Laue, and Audrey Gorman posing for a picture on Blue and Gold Day. [Left to Right] Photo Credit: Bradley Cusnier

Why were Raiders full of pride and joy and wearing outlandish costumes? Once again, Homecoming Week swept the St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) campus.

Senior Class President, Kate McSoley, described how the Student Council prepared. “People brought up ideas that they heard about, read about online or had been asked about … we critiqued these ideas and found good ways to make it so the whole school could participate together.” Each of the Homecoming themes was chosen by the Student Government.

The week kicked off with Blue and Gold Day, a great opportunity to demonstrate school pride. Sophomore class moderator, Ms. Deutschmann said, “While every day is exciting I think that Blue and Gold Day is the one that makes me proudest because it is, after all, the ultimate reflection of what Homecoming events are all about.”


Juniors Samuel Llewellyn, Joseph Talocka, and Gabriela Bellied posing for a picture in their Salad Dressing Day costumes. [Left to Right] Photo Credit: Bradley Cusnier

Tuesday was Salad Dressing Day, a unique theme that was introduced to the Raider community, for the first time, this year. Kate McSoley said that this was her favorite theme “ because it’s so different than what we had in the past, it lets people branch out into different things like using your imagination to come up with creative ideas.” Students sported costumes that ranged from ranch hands to Greek togas and French berets to Italian jerseys, to symbolize  the popular types of salad dressings.

Dynamic Duo Day landed on Wednesday and was a perfect opportunity for friends to coordinate their themed costumes. Quinn Connor, Student Body President, shared, “For Dynamic Duo Day we thought it would be fun [for students] to have another person to dress up with.”


Seniors Kyler Muruve, Giovanna Castagna, Rachele Ferraro, Kyle D’Antonio, and Aidan Muruve posing for a picture in their elderly outfit on Generation Day. [Left to Right]     Photo Credit: Bradley Cusnier

Thursday’s theme, Generation Day, was a fun twist on the stages of life. As metaphors, each grade level corresponded to four phases: infancy, adolescence, adulthood and, of course, senior citizens.

On Friday, students  wore  their individual class shirt. The freshman class sported a yellow T-shirt, the sophomores wore blue, the juniors light blue and the seniors were decked out in pink. The day was a fantastic success as the grades competed on the field in the morning and rallied for the varsity football team that night

With another Homecoming Week in the books, it’ll be fun to see how the organizers will top it next year!