Senior Ring Day Mass

By Kylee McDonald, Emerode Barthelemy, Marissa Mitchell and Sophia Lopez
OCT 10, 2016 

On September 8, 2016, the senior class gathered for a Mass commemorating the beginning of their final year at St. Thomas Aquinas (STA). Part of this annual tradition is the blessing of the senior class rings.

Receiving the class rings at the end of junior year was a milestone that marked the culmination of the seniors’ time at STA. “My class ring reminds me of all the great memories I’ve made here at STA and all the new memories I’ll make with it by my side,” said senior Samantha Toth. Senior Emily McGuinness added,  “It means so much to me to have my ring blessed and share this event with my senior class friends.” As the first major event of the year, the Senior Ring Mass was a uniting force for the Class of 2017, as it marked their last year together at STA.

Monsignor Kelly, assisted by Father Hoyer and Father Montes, celebrated this Eucharist. Senior Class President Kate McSoley welcomed the congregation to this very special evening. Crossroads, STA’s liturgical choir, created a beautiful musical setting for the Mass.  During the ceremony, seniors Conrad Weis, Timothy Lincoln, Kandice Jospitre, Luke Fraser, Quinn Connor, Marty Grady, Marcos Vivot, Colin Apruzzese, and Patricia Burgos were inducted as new Eucharistic Ministers. Becoming a Eucharistic Minister was an impactful experience for Patricia Burgos, who said, “… I felt a closer connection with God. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and blessing.”

At the conclusion of the Mass, Monsignor Kelly blessed the class rings. Senior Concetta Chimienti said,“I’m happy to wear this newly blessed ring on my finger as a reminder of the many blessings and gifts that God has given me. The life I’ve made at STA is only one of these blessings and now every time I see this ring, I will be thankful.”

The class rings will always be a reminder of the camaraderie and pride that senior Raiders shared with their classmates.