Trick or Treating With Jesus

By Sophia Lopez, Kylee McDonald and Marissa Mitchell
OCT  20, 2016

On October 11, the junior Campus Ministry class of Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) hosted an evening filled with faith, food, and fun. Nights of Fellowship (NOF) are hosted by the Campus Ministry classes once a month. On this occasion the theme was  “Trick or Treating with Jesus,” which was held in the cafeteria, bedecked with pumpkins and fall colors. The event featured a haunted hallway with ghoulish decorations and a reflective prayer service discussing how to overcome failure to triumphantly succeed. The junior Campus Ministry class did things a little differently, intertwining real life victories, like that of shark attack survivor, Bethany Hamilton, with the prayer service. The homily was divided between juniors Alexa Hui and Isabella Montana. Alexa gave a talk on failure, while Isabella based hers on success.

The activity for the night was a trip through a very scary haunted hallway filled with eerie decor and frightening screams. At the end of the journey, the travelers were met by St. Christopher, the patron saint of journeys. He told them that the hallway was meant to represent trials and tribulations in life, as well as times when it is hard to appreciate God’s presence. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Placing the prayer service after the activity “was a more peaceful way to end before dinner” said junior Isabella Montana. After the prayer service and haunted house, dinner was served. Students and teachers enjoyed a meal of delicious chicken parmesan and spaghetti followed by delectable desserts of dirt pudding and baked halloween goodies.  

Ultimately, the NOF was an enjoyable evening filled with spiritual reflections. With every NOF comes new revelations for each student. Senior Stefanie Davidson said, “The theme reminded me that God is always with me and we must always thank him for everything we have.” Later that evening, everyone went home full and a little bit wary of what might pop out of the darkness.