Homecoming 2016 Pep Rally

By Kylee McDonald, Marissa Mitchell, and Sophia Lopez
OCT 26 2016

Homecoming weekend began with a bang on the morning of Friday, September 23. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all gathered on the bleachers of the football field to cheer on their classes in an exciting field day event. Select participants from each grade competed to bring victory to their respective classes. Events included tug-of-war, pop-the-balloon race, relay race, three-legged race, and the exciting “Izzy Dizzy,” during which participants raced to a baseball bat, spun around it 10 times, and ran back to their team.

Cheers of encouragement and class spirit roared from the bleachers as each student cheered the participants on to victory. Despite the close competition, the senior class took first place in every event, except for the three-legged race. Beach balls and inflatable ice cream cones were tossed around the senior section as everyone danced to music blasted by the DJ. The morning field day was only a taste of the excitement that was yet to come.

During the last period of the day, the students gathered in the gym for the Homecoming Pep Rally. The STA Marching Raiders played spirited tunes, such as the Bell Song. Senior Alley Masocco energetically emceed the pep rally, while senior Brian Arkin ran across the gym floor, taunting the classes with the Spirit Stick.

The cheerleaders kept the energy up with exciting choreographed routines. They were followed by the Dancing Raiders’ debut performance. For their first appearance at a pep rally, the Dancing Raiders did not disappoint.

Students gave the Homecoming Court a warm welcome. Mackenzie Falla and Kaitlyn Michaud represented the freshmen, Ashley Ruf and Grace Signorella represented the sophomores, Danielle Rainin and Emily Puia represented the juniors, and Annie Schloss, Emily McGuinness, Alley Masocco, Rachelle Domond, Emma Alston, and Ysabella Gallo represented the seniors.

Weeks of practice paid off in the success of most anticipated part of the pep rally: the class skits. Each grade presented a creative skit based on the class theme. The effort that each member put into the skit did not fall short, as demonstrated by the ecstatic reaction of the audience.

The pep rally, an event at which students enjoy screaming their school pride and stomping to win the Spirit Stick, was only a taste of the fun to come later that night at the football game and on Saturday at the dances.