Election Day

By: Gabriel Rabinowitz, Nicholas Ayala and Shannon Scandiffio
NOV 23, 2016

donald trump

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Republican Donald Trump surprised the world by winning the electoral votes over Hillary Clinton. Across the country, states reported that 131.7 million people voted in the 2016 presidential election. The national media exit polls found that 29 percent of Latino voters supported Donald Trump. In October, Raw Stories reported that in this election there was 27.3 million Latino voters and out of that number 7.9 million of them voted for Trump.


hilleryHillary Clinton won the popular vote over Trump by 797,724 votes, but the winner of the election is the candidate with the most electoral votes. In total there are 538 electoral votes distributed among the 50 states, each with a different quantity of electoral votes. For example, Florida has 29 electoral votes and California has 55 electoral votes. To be named the winner the candidate must have at least 270 electoral votes.

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When the election results were calculated, Trump received 48 percent of the popular votes (59,215,097) and 276 electoral votes. Clinton took 49 percent of the popular votes (59,390,851) and 218 electoral votes. Gary Johnson only had three percent of the popular votes (4,027,655) and zero percent of the electoral votes. Jill Stein had one percent of the popular votes (1,202,428) and no electoral votes.


The Republicans won the majority of the US Senate 51 to 41 and the Republicans also won the majority of the US House of Representatives 238 to 192. In the end the people of the U.S chose Donald Trump to lead America for the next four years.