NTHS Takes Over The STAR Lab

By Bradley Cusnier and Santiago Rodriguez
NOV 30, 2016

NTHS Vertical ShotOn Thursday November 17th, St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STA) National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) held their annual open house / induction ceremony hosted by Mrs. Lisa Gustinelli, who has been the NTHS moderator for the past three years. This year’s event took place in STA’s Star Lab, where students showcased their technology skills and innovations for the attendees.

During the open house, six booths featured Robotics, Digital Photography, the Raider Review, Animation, Web Design, and Coding. Inductee Jake Valenzeula, said, “My favorite part of the open house/induction was being able to show off our projects and talk about our interests. Since I am in robotics, I was able to talk about the robotics program and show off last year’s competition robot.”

The open house was then folloNTHS Vertical Shot 2wed by the ceremony, where thirty-two new members were inducted into the NTHS. The ceremony began with incoming members giving speeches about the NTHS and its values. Afterwards, candles were lit to represent the seven pillars of the society: skill, honor, service, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. Senior Luke Fraser stated, “I enjoyed the candle lighting ceremony…“ He embraces the principles of the society, “… knowing [he] represents these seven values: skill, honor, service, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership.”

Extinguishing the lighting of the candles, Mrs. Gustinelli presented a video of a project she has been working on with the NTHS: Madagascar In My Heart. The video explained the hardships that children face every day in Madagascar and unveiled the project to form a technology lab which would provide a wider range of educational tools for the children. The NTHS members look forward to advancing not only in this project but technology.