Lozada to the Rescue

By Maxwell Elam, Dylan Bosse and Parker Gainsburg
DEC 12, 2016

It’s not uncommon for a teacher to eventually have to take a leave of absence for special circumstances. Recently, Dr. Williams, St. Thomas Aquinas’ (STA) physics, chemistry, and robotics teacher took maternity leave.  Although they were sad to see her leave, students were excited that Dr. Williams was welcoming a new member into her family. In her absence, students are happy to welcome Mr. Luis Lozada. Shortly after his arrival, Mr. Lozada sat down with Raider Review reporter, Maxwell Elam, to talk about his prior experiences and how much he’s enjoying Saint Thomas.

Lozada Teaching 3Mr. Lozada is not only new to Saint Thomas, but he’s also fairly new to Florida and the United States. He explained, “I came from Venezuela a year and a half ago. While all of my information and degrees were validating, I worked in a lot of areas.” The transition from one country to another can be harsh and difficult. However, Mr. Lozada has enthusiastically embraced this drastic change and enjoys teaching at Saint Thomas:  “I love it here! The environment is nice and everyone is super kind.”

Lozada Teaching 2Having experience in both the Venezuelan and American education systems, Mr. Lozada feels that learning in America, especially at a school such as Saint Thomas, is an amazing privilege: “The kids who study here don’t really have an idea how lucky they are to live in a country like this and to study in a school like this. Where I come from the schools are a lot different, and we have to struggle to have quality education. There’s a lot of new technology here I want to learn to use. It all provides excellent communication between the parents, teachers, and students that you normally don’t have in other schools.”

Mr. Lozada is currently only teaching Dr. Williams’ physics classes in her absence, but he hopes to “… work here long term. It’s an amazing environment and [he’d] love to stay here. After this, [he’s] going to begin teaching math, probably algebra and geometry.” With his positive outlook and his diverse past, Mr. Luis Lozada is an excellent addition to the Saint Thomas teaching faculty.