STA Arts Come to Life at the Bienes Center

By Santiago Rodriguez and Bradley Cusnier
DEC 20, 2016

St. Thomas Aquinas High School’s (STA) Annual Winter Juried Art Show was held on December 14 and 15. The lobby of the Bienes Center was transformed into an art gallery where projects that ranged from pottery to digital photography were on display. The art show was open to students and faculty during the day, and attendees of the vocal and instrumental concerts in the evening.

Sophomore Anthony Solomon said, “… I was surprised that my work was accepted,” and he mentioned that he was really impressed with the show.

The Art Show has been a part of the STA community since 2003. This year’s art show was judged by well-known local artist, Mrs. Barbara Dix. She shared her thoughts with the Raider Review about judging the show. “It’s such an honor to judge the work; at the same time, it’s almost overwhelming to be assigned to choose, good, better, best, when the quality of the work is so high overall.”

Mrs. Dix provided insight on how she judges the art show, “I don’t discriminate by age or class level. I look over the entire response to the assignment and make judgments by the response the piece inspires within me, an artist and teacher. I do consider how sensitive the student has been to the rules of the game—both artistically and in illustrating the challenge the assignment offers.”

This year’s art show was a great success, thanks to the many creative submissions by talented Raiders.