Latin Forum 2017

By Kylee McDonald, Sophia Lopez and Marissa Mitchell
FEB 21, 2017

On Saturday, February 4, all across Broward County, Latin language students gathered at Northeast High School for the Region VIII Latin Forum. For years, attending Forum has been one of the most anticipated annual events for Saint Thomas Aquinas (STA) Latin students and this year was no exception. Thirty-Five STA Latinators, dressed in matching purple shirts designed by Senior Julia Chin, arrived at Northeast High School ready to dominate all the events.

After participants recited the Junior Classical League (JCL) pledge and The Pledge of Allegiance in Latin, the main part of Forum began. Every student attending Forum is required to take two exams in their class levels, either Level I, Level II, or Advanced. The topics of these exams include Geography, Mottoes, Customs, Derivatives, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Mythology, and more. Olympica, which is comprised of outdoor races and discus tossing, is another major event at Forum. Additional challenges are in the form of art competitions, costume contests, and Certamen, the Jeopardy-like competition between compatible levels.

Forum offers many opportunities for friendly competition and intellectual tests. At the end of the day, medals and awards are handed out to those who scored the highest in the exams, placed in the art competitions, dominated the Olympica, and prevailed in Certamen. Continuing the tradition, many STA Latinators went home with multiple medals around their necks. Senior Grace Plass, who expressed her love for Forum, said, “Meeting different people from around Broward County who also love Latin makes you realize that it’s not a dead language after all.” Whether it was their first time at Forum or their last, the STA Latinators made a lasting impression, enjoyed their day competing in events and expressing their love for all things Latin.